Todd Selby

Visual Arts

by Cyril Lagel,Emma J. Dysell,David Leslie Anthony,Pierre Dal Corso,Melissa Rodwell,Herring, Herring,Andrea Massari

-The SHEMA [Jimon] -Le Casque [Cyril Lagel] -The Wellton [Emma J. Dysell] -The Ridge [David Leslie Anthony] -Dal Corso [Pierre Dal Corso] -Breathless [Melissa Rodwell] -The Shadow [Herring & Herring] -Ghetto [Jimon] -Goddard [Andrea Massari]

11 questions with Todd Selby, creator of

by Jimon

A live Blow Up Doll

by Tara Redfield · illustrations: Jenafer Dawson

Haute Coture in Target, is it time to say FUCK hi fashion

by Tara Redfield