Issue 8

Chloé Kelly Miller

by Eduardo Pérez Viloria

Chloé Kelly Miller is from Normandy, born in Rouen in 1995. Her brushes dance across the colour palette, creating symphonies of colour that awaken forgotten emotions. Each stroke is a melody on canvas, each shadow a story unfolding before our eyes. Let's plunge into the magic of her art, where the imaginary blends with the real, and discover together the secrets hidden in the soul of this creator of pictorial universes. Join us on this visual journey and learn more about the visionary behind these captivating creations!

Corinne Warinsko

by Alexandre Ortiz Hervias

Corinne Warinsko welcomes me to the Mark Hachem gallery on Place des Vosges, where she is exhibiting one of her latest creations. Near a bay window, hung in natural light under transparent Plexiglas, a colour chart immediately catches our attention. The work is mesmerising: paper cubes stuck with pins cast shadows that change throughout the day. The work is meticulous and elegant, delicate and masterful. Corinne Warinsko explains.

Louis Derbré

by Derbré François Beauxis-Aussalet

Interview with his daughter Mireille Darré-Derbré

Fiorella Pierobon

by Filly di Somma

I started working in television in Italy in 1977, but it wasn't until 1982 that my long career as a presenter officially began: for over twenty years I presented programmes on Canale 5, becoming the official face of the channel and also hosting several of my own shows. In 2003, after more than 40,000 television appearances, I ended my working relationship with the broadcaster and chose to change my life: I moved to Nice in France, where I opened my painting studio at 31 rue Droite in 2007.

Valentine Esteve

by Paul Escudier

Valentine Esteve is a French multidisciplinary artist born in 1996 in Boston (USA), working mainly in painting, embroidery and volume. She began her training at the Atelier de Sèvres, then went on to study at the Beaux-Arts in Paris, graduating in July 2020. She exhibited in France and in South Korea during a stay at the Seoul National University of the Arts in 2019. Since 2021 she has been working at the Le Houloc collective studio in Aubervilliers.

Louis Durot

by Kim Chi Pho

Born on 28 April 1939, Louis Durot is both a chemical engineer and an artist-designer. As a scientist specialising in polymers, he invented materials used for the stands at Roland-Garros and the Stade de France, as well as for the roof of the seven satellites at Roissy 1 terminal. As for his artistic universe, he offers us iconic works on the theme of leisure furniture for an "alien" and dreamlike atmosphere.

Juli About

by Axelle Delorme

Juli About was born in Avignon in 1974. She now lives and works in the south of France. A visual artist specialising in porcelain, she creates works and installations that explore the body, intimacy, our relationship with the world, fragility and connection. More recently, she has also been experimenting with embroidery, music and poetry. In 2021, she received an award from Beautiful Bizarre magazine. She regularly exhibits her work at festivals, galleries and fairs in France and abroad.

Véronique Durruty

by Rachel Hardouin

« Mademoiselle rêve »

Pierre Songeclaire

by Jacinthe Adandé

Pierre Songeclaire, 27, grew up in the Paris region with an all- consuming passion for creation and discovery. He recently spent several months exploring and creating in Japan, where he was able to crystallise his artistic vision during an enriching period of introspection. Acknowledging that he grew up in the Internet age, Pierre creates and shares with the aim of achieving an ideal of beauty.