Argument in English

Artistic and literary magazine

The ARGUMENT project was born of the idea of bringing together artworks, a public of readers and artists, present through interviews, and of conceiving the whole thing as a collective exhibition by placing the artists at the centre of the subject.

There is no advertising in it, it’s a deliberate choice to keep our independence.

We want to create a direct link between the public

It’s the artists who count above all else:

They write the world with matter, Share their visions and dreams with us, Playing with shapes and colours.They radiate poetry, wisdom and emotion.,

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Argument in English Issue 8 · louis derbré · mireille darré-derbré · fiorella pierobon · valentine esteve · louis durot
7 €
Argument in English Issue 7 · dina goldstein · kevin marion · catherine gillet · tarik berber · fred atlan
7 €