Look lateral

A daydream in contemporary art

LOOK LATERAL MAGAZINE is a quarterly collectible luxury books collection, printed in Italy on refined papers and finished using manual techniques.

A Daydream In Contemporary Art contains timeless contents created to get people closer to contemporary art, taking the reader into a fantastic journey across the art and creativity world, through a structured single-day itinerary spanning from early morning to late night. And all of this offering a lateral and fresh vision, hanging out with the most interesting personalities (artists, curators, professionals of the art system), visiting art hotels, design stores, restaurants and new trendy initiatives around the world, suggesting key information to understand the context of the contemporary visual arts. Discover our story, crossing between Mantua and Seattle, on www.looklateral.com

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Look lateral Winter 2018 · the square · salvador dalí · vadim fishkin · alfredo jaar · american gothic
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