Winter 2018

Cristiana Perrella

by Marta Silvi

When art gazing becomes a gaze on the world

Daniel Gustav Cramer

by Nicola Mafessoni

Take care of fine details

Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s city lights

by Nicola Mafessoni

A literary meeting place since 1953

The borders of Cape Town

by Salvatore Dimaggio

A journey inside a new art capital grappling with the same old problems

Salvador Dalí

by Jessica El Hefyan

The persistence of memory

Joe la Place

by Enrico Cavaliere

A contemporary art hero

Elodie Fulton, Irene Abujatum

by Eugenia Bertelè

Into the heart of the Chilean contemporary art scene

Vadim Fishkin

by Nicola Mafessoni

The Art Cosmonaut

Alfredo Jaar

by Alessandro Fonte, Shawnette Poe

Walking a fine line

Max Ernst in Sedona

by Nicola Mafessoni

A fantastic trip in the far west on the trail of a surrealist master

Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo

by Alfredo Camerotti

In the collector's own words

Faig Ahmed

by Brooke Einbender

Decoding the visual language of carpets

Juan Yarur

by Mariagrazia Muscatello

The young chilean philantropist and collector who approachs art with emotions

André Magnin

by Ludovica Valentina Zarrilli

Discover how the art market is born (and how it grows) in the Sub-Saharan area

American Gothic, Grant Wood

by Jessica El Hefyan

Tales from the history of Art