A Scarlet Letter for the fallen man

A Scarlet Letter for the fallen man

A propos the vigorous efforts of the N. Y. Police and of private individuals to disband the alleged vice ring

Three Dollars and Sixty Cents

by Guido Bruno

The air was crisp and biting cold. Every breath formed a misty cloud of vapor. The newly fallen snow crunched musically at each step.


by Vincent Starrett

Fifth Avenue

by Guido Bruno

Two long rows of light. White glowing bulbs. Two and two. In distances that seem shorter and shorter. Two long lines that meet somewhere —far, far away in the indefinite. Two long rows up Fifth avenue leading to the indefinite. Two long rows down Fifth avenue, leading to the indefinite.

Greenwich Village Attacked

by Tom Sleeper · illustrations: Djuna Barnes

Why and How I Got Married

Many hundred stories, brief and lengthy accounts, arrive every week at the desk of our Contest Editor. Most of thm testify that marriage, even in our commonplace age, preserves its old romance and that to relate a story of how Grandfather took Grandmother urges the pen into hands not oterwise ambitious of literary' achievement. A handful of this stories will be chosen every week forthe perusal of our readers.

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