How the young see Europe

Europe goes to school

by Miles Kington and Geoffrey Dickinson

The address of the school is 42, rue du Vert Chasseur, a long quiet street in the south of Brussels lined with prosperous private houses in their own prosperous grounds. The gateway to 42 is much like the others, with a drive leading to a large house and not much else visible in the trees. As the Punch Expedition to the European School fell out of its ruinously expensive Belgian taxi and stood staring down the muddy drive, it had a vision of a souped-up finishing school in a posh suburb, and it sighed.

The Acapulco Hilton

by Alan Coren

It's a charming, unspoiled spot a thousand miles from anywhere, so why not give up smoking and stay at the Acapulco Hilton instead?

Is it safe to go abroad ?

by E.S. Turner

Even today, millions of Britons have never taken a holiday outside their homeland. This questionnaire by E. S. TURNER is designed to clear up their misgivings

The Punch scheme for Piccadilly

Here, at a stroke, the Committee has contrived to design an amenity that both sums up the traditional spirit of Piccadilly, grand old lady of London, and also offers a convenience geared to the demands of the twenty-first century.

I Was a Fugitive From a Writers’ Colony

by Alan Brien

The controversy over the setting-up of Britain's first Writers' Commune has stirred ALAN BRIEN to lie down and think about it for a bit

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