Michael Zavros

Roman Coppola

by Nicholas Corolan

Ahead of his visit to Australia as part of Semi Permanent’s Never Permanent 2023, Roman Coppola spoke to VAULT about a life in film, his working relationship with Wes Anderson and nostalgia.

Sheila Hicks

by Louise Martin-Chew

Sheila Hicks is an artist whose focus, for over six decades, has been ‘the work’, turning thread and fibre into sculptural installations that speak in a universal language to audiences all over the world. They join nature to culture, engaging colour, surface and form to echo modes of construction shared by birds, gardeners and architects alike.

The best or nothing

by Jane O'Sullivan

Michael Zavros is an artist who likes what he likes, no apology. Over the past 25 years, he’s developed a reputation for alluring – and polarising – works about luxury objects, material culture and his children. He talks to Jane O’Sullivan about his survey exhibition The Favourite, and an ambitious new sculpture that is all about reflections.

Brian Robinson

by Steve Dow

A childhood spent on Waiben (Thursday Island) still courses through Brian Robinson, informing his sculptures and exquisitely detailed linocuts and prints: the four seasonal winds of kuki, sager, zey and naigai (northwest, southeast, south and north); the migration of birds; the tides and monsoons; the floral blooms and flowering trees.

Chantal Fraser

by Louise Martin-Chew

Chantal Fraser makes art with political and subversive messages, despite a level of shrouding and opacity. An alluring aesthetic travels throughout her fifirst major survey with a cadence and tempo that welcomes its audience, all the while shifting the ground under our feet to transcend cultural conditioning and attitudes.

Marinella Senatore

by Alexia Petsinis

VAULT spoke to Italian multidisciplinary artist Marinella Senatore, a luminary fifigure in the global contemporary art landscape, about her commitment to democratising creativity through her practice, and its universal relevance as a vehicle for social consciousness and connection.

Kyle Page

by Alison Kubler

VAULT speaks with acclaimed Dancenorth Artistic Director Kyle Page on the back of rehearsals in Townsville for a brand-new sound and dance experience set in a 40-foot shipping container in which audiences witness the sunrise through the horizontal aperture. Page shares the ambitions for this celebrated small company, and discusses why location informs their national and international touring programs.