Irish Wars 1919-1923

Irish Wars 1919-1923

The National Museum’s Excellent Exhibition

The Story of the Great Famine

by Pat Liddy

Ireland is probably the only country in the world with less population today than it had 175 years ago. In 1845, thanks to advances in medical science, the population had risen to around 8.5 million on the whole island. Then in the late 1840s, the disastrous Great Famine, also known as the Irish Potato Famine, struck down the more vulnerable, deprived sectors of Irish society and within a few years resulted in well over a million deaths followed by vast numbers leaving mostly rural Ireland for the distant shores of America, Canada, South America and Australia - around 40 million Americans today claim Irish descent. Many more left for England, the county then seen as the oppressors of the emigrants’ native country.

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