A new plan of Roma

The private teatrino of the collegio romano

by J.S

I have selected these two and six other plans and designs of stages and stage scenes because they illustrate a point in the development of the Theatre in Roma in the 18th century,

The pretty theatre - Part two

by X. Y. Z.

AS I said in my opening notes on this theme, I do not intend to be critical. My purpose is more that of the print-collector than of the writer.


by Jan Klaasen

Imitation to perfection is certainly a talent, and it is this special talent which is possessed by the Russians. They derive it from the far East. And in the Russian Theatre this talent has been so cleverly employed that it has thoroughly dazzled Europeans and Americans. With the Russians imitation really becomes almost masterly.

The sackbut and the need for music

by Gordon Graig

Whenever I see " The Sackbut ", that Musical Review with a gay cover which appears every month, and costs but one shilling, and is altogether quite an achievement, I am always delighted. The production is due to the energy of Miss Ursula Greville, her managing Editor, and her Committee, which includes, amongst others, P. G. Konody and Granville Bantock. It contains excellent historical articles on Lully, Rossini, John Braham, and other articles by modern writers, ....by Kalisch and Gatti on Strauss and Malipiero, it is a most readable shillingsworth, and its publishers are J. Curwen and Sons Ltd.

Palazzo Baberini

In which was the Theatre built by Bernini

A note Upon “The Mask”

by Lennox Robinson

It may seem an extraordinary thing to say, but 1 am almost certain that Mr. Gordon Craig is the personage in the English theatre to-day who most " matters . True, in one sense he is not "in " the theatre at all; he produces nothing, has no theatre of his own, makes a fortune for no playwright, exploits no players, but, in spite of these things—or perhaps because of them—he looms with a dreadful indistinct importance. No man in the English theatre is so hated and reviled, no man so passionately defended and revered.


by A.E Dobell

To the Editor of "The Mask". Dear Sir: RE " A Protest from an Actor " in your issue for October. I hope to be abie to aliay the wrath of " An English Actor , and vindicate the artist or artists responsible for the three very interesting illustrations you have reproduced from any intention to insult the members of the Theatrical Professions.

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