Summer number

The Sun Also Strikes

by Alan Coren

"The Socialist-controlled General Workers Union has called Spanish bullfighters out on an indefinite strike from next Monday. The strike call follows a breakdown in talks between the union and the Ministry of Health over demands that bullfighters' gorings should be treated under the social security system."

Holiday snaps a disappointment ?

Let Our Camera Clinic put you straight on the six most corn mon photo faults...

Strictly for the birds

by Basil Boothroyd

AN authority on nature's nuisances tells me that birds now top the charts, a position previously held by mice. This is something I could have told him years ago, from records loosely kept at this address. I don't think some of these people are ail that up to date with their findings .

Mellow Virginia

by David Taylor

On the run-up to Wimbledon, former champion VIRGINIA WADE talks to DAVID TAYLOR

Beach buffs

by Jonathan Sale

This summer's lesson co rnes from the Coptic version of the Gospel of Thomas. No, I hadn't heard of it either, but th ose who have sometimes refer to it as the Fifth Gospel. (Rather like the play about the Fifth Beatle: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John... and Thomas.) Anyway, brethren, it goes like this:

Collapse ol Stout Party

by Robert Morley

I have had my leg for over a month now. Purists may argue that I have had it a good deal longer, up to seventy-two years or so, but it now has a distinct identity enabling it to be counted outside the body corpulent to which it undoubtedly belongs in more peaceful times. At breakfast I am inclined to issue bulletins as to its progress The leg, I tell them, played up a bit towards dawn. The leg seems a mite less red after my bath. Occasionally I invite inspection from a near relative and, every now and then, my doctor. At this stage the latter is somewhat non- commital; he is awaiting a sheaf of medical notes from Australia bringing an up-to-date assessment of the problem, which alas I omitted to pack.

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