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Vox Pap

by Alan Coren

"Citizens' band radio, the system by which members of the public can communicate with one another, is to be introduced into Britain, it was announced in the Commons yesterday."

Fury mounts against government

Since the Day of Action went off at half-cock, pressure has been growing for organised protests more in tune with the mood of the British people...

A boss called Moss

by Moss Evans

It is the year 1995 and here at last are the eagerly awaited memoirs of MOSS EVANS, kingmaker, rainmaker, Tribune of the People and Man of Destiny.

Tiny Tots

by Jonathan Sale

JIMMY YOUNG'S contribution to the International Year of the Child was a 12,500-mile pilgrimage in and out of over 800 pubs. ln internationally childish circles that might seem to rank well below studies of toddler slapping in old people's homes or sexist language used by staff of East Yorkshire crêches; but there was more to the exercise than innicting irreparable damage to Mr Young's liver. The notes that he made at, if not under, the tables of hostelries throughout the land resulted in Pubs That Welcome Children (out this week from David and Charles at fl.95), which is invaluable in two ways. 1t tells readers where they can take their kids without being booted straight back on the bypass; and it tells a different set of readers how to avoid places where other people's brats are raising merry hell.

Quote unquote

by Kenneth Robinson

I've been commissioned to compile a book of quotations, and l'd be grateful if readers would help. Especially by not putting me off the idea .

The Hanging Gardens of Libya

by Paul Jennings