When Drake gats a bee in his bonnet…

Page and Monarch Forth they went

by Alan Coren

British managers have a lot to learn from American managerial methods. Their single-status system has a great deal to recommend it, and basically means that the conditions ofemployment are the same whatever your position. It also means eating in the same canteen.

Up Like Thunder

by Alexander Frater

Dragon Platoon, Chinese People's Army, Cao Bang Province, Vietnam. February 18, 1979

Something of value

The Speaker's State Bed having turned up in private hands, and those hands having turned down a Government offer for it of f:5000, our reporters have been seeking out a few other missing bits of British junk that may still fetch a bob or two...

Kids acted Iike animais, claims US Iampooner

by Matty Simmons

This man runs America's hottest humour magazine and founded Diners Club. Now read on as MATTY SIMMONS talksto DAVID TAYLOR

Pippedat the Post

by Paul Jennings

A CITY situated dramatically among hills which have inspired immortal, world-famous literature and sweep down to a river whose romantic valley is one among a dozen such. A city where 18,000 singing children greeted their famous queen as she passed through streets lined with palm trees and triumphal arches to open their grand civic temple. A city where the fragrance of 40,000 roses fills the swooning air in one corner alone of one of its elegant parks landscaped by a supreme eighteenth-century master

Squeeze !

by Fay Maschler

I could quite easily live without oranges, but not without lemons. Their sharp-ness seems tome the equivalent of wit in cooking. They enliven. We even call the outer edge of their skin zest.