The Euro-farmer

Les Flecheurs

by Basil Boothroyd

Eine Everyday Narrazione de Continental Volk

Rhodesia’s Seven-Vear Itch

by Abe Berry

The Editor of Punch is banned from Rhodesia. But we did manage to send in on our behalf Abe Berry, the highly- respected cartoonist of the Johannesburg Star. Visitors from "the friendly South" are amongst the few able to penetrate the sensitive security screen which separates the Smith regime from journalists. Abe Berry reported that he was accorded the status of visiting royalty.

Weeny-Boppers: Will They Die Out?

by E.S. Turner

Yes, but they won't be forgotten, forecasts

The Juggernauts are Coming

by McMurthy

Passing through

by David Taylor

Sir Oswald Mosley talks to David Taylor