British Embassy

Uncivil Service

by William Davis · illustrations: Hollowood

There are times, as we have noted before, when fact not only matches comic invention, but actually proves a good deal funnier. If there should still be any lingering doubt consider the following extract from lnside Number 10, a book written by Marcia Williams, Harold Wilson's private secretary, and published this week by Weidenfeld and Nicholson.

Who Needs An Embassy?

If the heads of state in Europe can get together when they want to (next week in Paris), if everyone lower down will be working in the same place (next January in Brussels), then for heaven's sake, asks PETER PRESTON undiplomatically

The Women of Europe

by Alan Coren

An authoritative survey of the ladies of the EEC by ALAN COREN

Give the Employers a Say in lndustry!

Brussels wants British directors to let workers have a place on the board Have they thought what this will lead to, though? Here, as a warning, is an extract from the Annual Register of 1975

Forlovers of good living

With superb scenery sun-blessed beaches, fine hotels and some of the best game parks in the world, South Africa at any time has much to offer and Union-Castle passenger ships sail from Southampton almost every Friday throughout the year.

Are Parisian Drivers the Worst in the World?

by Fenton Bresler

Can 1 help you, sir? Something to help you through the Motor Show? Certainly, sir. There's the latest luxury Fenton Bresler article, straight from a test drive in Paris. Or you might prefer one of the new Mahoods-they come in seven different shapes, of course. Then there' s the E. S. Turner, still one the most readworthy models we've ever tested. Or the Mike Williams might be more to your tastebeautiful lines, lovely finish, each handdrawn. Or ... well, just you browse around, sir. Take anything you like for a test read.

Titled Owner

by E. S. Turner

Recently Breathalysed, Wishes to Throw Stately Car Open to Public

Living on Charity

by Alan Brien · illustrations: Baxter, Murray Ball

ALAN BRIEN looks at some of the ways of striking it poor



DAVID TAYLOR talks to two Eskimos

The Eskimos in question being one Davidee Kaguik (from the Great Whale River, more or less) and his Arctic chum, Iyola (from the west end of Baffin lsland)- both approximate, clumsy spellings but a useful compromise with the Eskimo longue.


by Jeremy Kingston

JOAN LITTLEWOOD has been back home for some months now- home being the Theatre Royal, Stratford-but Costa Packet is the first show to give her the opportunities to do the things she manages best.