Can he lead them back ?

Three Years Hard

...or, possibly, soft: especially if all the students about to descend on their various universities and colleges read these four invaluable pages on how to survive the next nine terms. Our exclusive guide cornes in three easy sections, in large print, and may well be the most significant piece of study you'll ever do. Just add an electric kettle and some warm underwear, and you're all set up till 1975.

Father’s lib

by Alan Coren

"The City University of New York bas offered its male staff paternity leave on the same terms as female staff get maternity leave. It is believed to be the first time such a provision bas been offered in an American labour contract."

A Secretary ls Not a Toy

by Alan Brien

Alan Brien looks at sex in the office

Space couples

by R.G.G. Price

A NASA life-scientist wants mixed crews for long space trips. But what wonders R. G. G. PRICE, will that do to American fiction?

Carry on from here, nurse

Complaints have been made to the General Nursing Council that its examinations are too difficult and take insufficient account of the practical problems encountered in nursing. Weil, that's easily remediad . . .

I Might Have Been Killed

by Basil Boothroyd

It's two years since l was in Frankfort. Put it another way, I wasn't there the other Saturday when twelve yards of wing flap dropped off a Jumbo and ail but hit a boathouse.