A place in the sun

A place in the sol

by Miles Kington

Welcome , seiiores y seiioras, to the Kington/Dickinson article on the Costa del Sol, which is delightfully situated on four choice pages in the Punch estate, with wonderful views of the editor's article on one side and easy access to many articles on the other. This is not one of your old-style quickly constructed, shoddily written features with no lasting quality. We have learnt from our mistakes. Today's journalists are giving you well designed, luxury feature articles, beautifully landscaped with photographs and drawings. It will be one of the most sought after descriptions in the history of the Costa del Sol.

Every man has his price

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In Arthur’s Bosom

by Alan Brien

Alan Brien sinks slowly in the West

Me S-paceman, You Moonmaid

by Brian Aldiss

Brian Aldiss on Edgar Rice Burroughs as science fiction writer