How to buy an island ?

The Kangaroos Are Fine

by Alan Coren

The Kangaroos Are Fine, I Like the Cricket, But Could you Show Me Something a Little Smaller? ALAN COREN goes to buy an island

Rolling in the Isles

by BILL Tidy · illustrations: Trog

Ln which the far coolins drag BILL TIDY away

Out of Strong Came Forth Sweetness

by Alan Brien

Beauty is only skin deep-but then how deep would you expect it to be? No woman was ever actually improved by being flayed. Inner beauty, a quality much praised by head teachers, advice columnists, followers of the cuit of St.

How to be a waiter ?

by Miles Kingston

Dame Pat Hornsby-Smith wants training facilities for British waiters to stem the flood of Spanish. ltalian and French imports. MILES KINGTON knows the very place

His Last Movement ...

This is the first performance anywhere of Andre Previn's "my own obituary", for voice and typewriter. It tells the story of a young conductor who is asked to write his own obituary.

No taxation without denunciation

by E. S. Turner

As we edge towards Europe, E. S. TURNER trembles at a new French threat.

The bugging threat

What exactly are the electronic devices for invading our privacy that the Younger Committee found so alarming? Here are six of the most widespread. soon hopefully to be made illegal.


by Murray Ball

Continuing the adventures of the Great Palaeolithic Hero

VLADIMIR TRETCHIKOFF talks to David Taylor

by David Taylor · illustrations: Ffolkes

Settled in for luncheon at the Dorchester Hotel and complaining that his plate wasn't hot sat affable Vladimir Tretchikoff (Ltd.) or just Tretchi to his many, many friends, a painter. Not any old painter either, but one whose current earnings put him second only to Picasso and whose latest big, and astonishingly lucrative show closed just the other day up at Rackhams, the Birmingham department store. 132,000 people went and his last time out in London, it was a quarter of a million or so.