Looks at golf

Justa Shorter Putt with Thee

by Alan Coren

Had you, a week or so ago, been taking a sundown stroll through the rolling Bucks verdure with a view, perhaps, to comparing one Chalfont with another or enriching your collection of stockbrokers' house-names, you might have seen, some four or so miles from Amersham, a strange misshapen silhouette blemishing the evening horizon . There on a busty hill it stood, rooted: a gnarled thorn, you might have said to yourself, shrugging; a Saxon barrow, time-tumbled; an extravagant horse-dropping, piled and eroded by the summer wind.

Water those Greens in Sodom!

by E.S. Turner

The whole world wilI soon be fit for golfing holidays, reports eminent non-golfer E. S. TURNER

Bwana Golf

by Chris Plumridge

When professional golfer Jimmy Stewart approached bis ball for a second shot at the third hole be found a 10-foot cobra heading for it as weU. He killed it~nly to see another cobra, this time slightly shorter, emerging from the dead snake's jaws! lt met the same fate.

Errors and Omissions Excepted

by Basil Boothroyd

Ln the current row over office conditions, only the tip of the iceberg has been revealed. BASIL BOOTHROYD dives deeper

Do You Serve Spirits Here?

by Keith Waterhouse

Sit down, Sir Walter, cries KEITH WATERHOUSE, we serve anybody !