The new North

The new North

by Patrick Ryan

As the sounds of clog and whippet fade into nostalgie history, as the last cloth cap wal ks into the shadows cast by the last brick chimney, and as Europe stands poised to rush up the M1 and engulf each tripe-shop and pigeon-loft, we take a brief persona! look at the once and future North of England

No Spikka da Scouse

by Bill tidy

... and with the Common Market, Italian workers will soon be setting around

Where is true North ?

If there's one thing that a Northerner hates worse than a Southerner, it's somebody claiming to be more Northern than he is. But where does the North start, and where is the heart of it ? We went on a nation-wide survey

2001 AD -a Northern Odyssey

by Alan Brien

I don't suppose I would ever have met Glenda if I hadn't decided to go South for my annual six months holiday. But J'd been everywhere else- the Lhasa Hilton, playground of the earth-shrinking rocket-set, and New Timbuctoo, the world's larges! underground city, and Athens, the Edinburgh of the Near East, and both the Arctic and Antarctic Disneylands. Now that the North Sea Tunnel whistles you by pressurised mono-rail from West Hartlepool to Vienna in half an hour, there's no adventure left in a trip to Europe.

The Exotic North, or There’s More to Halifax than the Building Society

by David Williams

Ace glamour writer DAVID WILLIAMS reports on the wonderland beyond Manchester

Goon, but not forgotten

Since Mr. Humphrey Lyttelton so gallantly made the ultimate sacrifice last week of writing his own obituary. It has become necessary, in order to continue the series, to ask for another volunteer. We salute the bravery of Mr. Harry Secombe in laying down his life story.

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