Can we trust the scientists ?

Things that go in the night

by James Cameron

Can we trust the scientists ?

Come Inside, Bill Tidy, Yout Time Is Up

by Mahood

Behavioural scientist Sigmung Mahood analyses the behavior of Punch Cartoonists and the people in their work.

Beside the Seaside

by Johann Pinker

Traces of Tetrahedral Molecules in the Auk's Microbial Soup have struck a Discordant Note

A Life on the Rolling Mane

by Alan Coren

The National Federation of Hairdressers has pledged itself to stamp out what it calls Pirate Barbers. And not, cries the ruin of ALAN COREN, before time!

Be prepared for 72

"lt's part of the new picture of Guiding," said a Girl Guide spokeswoman, referring to a crash course in family planning. She added, "We have also dealt with drugs." Guiding for Girls clearly needs updating

The Curse of Alecdouglashome

by Alan Brien

ALAN BRIEN revisits the most talked-about museum display of the century