Jesus is coming !

Will the real Jesus Christ stand up please ?

Engulfed by God musicals, Jesus freaks, best-selling celestial LPs and the smell ofincense, Alan Brien asks

An Exciting Page for Men

This page is of NO CONCEIVABLE INTEREST TO WOMEN and is guaranteed to send them SCREAMING UP THE WALL lt caters exclusively for the forgotten male-the man whose idea of lunch is four pints of beer and hait a sausage roll, the man who lies under sumps, who loathes Oxford Street, who sits all Sunday in an east wind dangling a rod in a poisoned river and who yearns to be Grand Supreme Ruler of the Order of the Secret Monitor.

Not in Front of the Grown-ups

by Keith Waterhouse

How could nice John Mills and respectable John Gielgud bring themselves to speak the choice language of Veterans. which has just left Brighton to open in the West End tomorrow? This is clearly one more example of the slipping standards of the eider generation, regrets youthful

Jeeves for Hire

by Basil Boothroyd

Lt is reported that this summer's American visitors, for a travel agency fee of (70 a day, may be escorted round our tourist attractions by purpose-trained Gentlemen's Gentlemen. Right-ho, says Basil Boothroyd

Provence & Côte d’Azur

The sunshine kingdom

What Shall We Tell the TUC?

Should the Trades Union Congress be given more information about a company's finances, plans and philosophy than the shareholders? The Commission on Industrial Relations is to make recommendations on this controversial issue.

My Man for The White House

by Alfred Friendly

Punch Presidential nominations close today. Alfred Friendly, the last of our American guests, tips his man most likely to undo the damage caused by the previous thirty-seven