The Olympics are coming

Shaping up for Munich

(The training for this article involved two basic types of preparation. One was the gathering of information by talking to people so that I could radically improve my state of knowledge about pre- Munich preparations. This is technically called Research. The other was to go out running in Hyde Park in order to gain first-hand experience of the challenge. We call this Light Relief.)

€…And the Shape of Olympics to Come

HEATH adds some new events for everyone to take part in

On the Buses

Fare increases here, experiments with free bus travel in Rome. London Transport took ALAN BRIEN for a ride

Sing a song of sixpence

by Alan Coren

ALAN COREN and HEWISON, just back from gloom-soaked Malta, report

English Voodoo or Just Fun?

Gilbert and Sullivan began their collaboration a hundred years ago. We asked GEORGE MIKES to discover why they have worn so well

Bundles from Britain

by Mahood

The Japanese are not the on/y ones sending food parcels to America. MAHOOD reports on our own aid programme

My Man for The White House

by George Axelrod

This is Presidential Election year in America. Richard Nixon is hot favourite - but are there no outsiders? Punch has asked severa/ American writers to nominate their own candidates for The White House. First, GEORGE AXELROD

Zank ’Eaven for Leetle Accents

by Vincent Mulchrone

VINCENT MULCHRONE polishes his pronunciation