How to be an angel

Angels rush

by Robert Morley

In 1971 a great deal of money was made by investors in box-office hits. ROBERT MORLEY shows you how to get in on the act.

Trouble oop at T’Box office

by Bill Tidy

Investor Sam Hinchcliffe lets BILL TIDY in on the ground floor

How to spot a smash hit

by Keith Waterhouse

Theatrical backer KEITH WATERHOUSE reveals the secrets of the trade

Chevaliers de la Table Ronde

by Alan Coren

Goutons Voir Si le 'Flu est Bon!

The Richard Nixon magic spinwheel !

When the US resumed heavy bombing of North Vietnam, commentators were amazed at President Nixon's argument that this would he/p his visit to Peking. How, they cried, did he arrive at this conclusion? The answer, friends, is here ! He used the Richard Nixon Magic Spinwheel, obtainable from cheap Christmas crackers everywhere, AND SO CAN YOU ! Just eut out, paste to cardboard, insert a pin at the centre, and spin. Wherever it stops, that's your smart argument for the day's air-raid!

To An Unknown American

by Basil Boothroyd

Back from flogging a royal biography round the States, if not door-to-door then studio-ta-studio, BASIL BOOTHROYD is teased by his conscience

Did you or didn’t you, my lord ?

"Sorne sort of judicial commission" should be set up, independent of Government and Parliament, to consider complaints about judges, says a leaked draft of a report by JUSTICE.

The Film that Darryl Zanuck never made

by Edwin Blum

A true-life story of corruption, splendour and Lord Castlerosse, now turned into a major magazine article.

Some same old things to come

by Arnold Roth

Everything there is to know about writing a sex manual

by Dr. Miles Kington

A complete guide to the most basic of all human urges