Oliver Gustav

Anna Karlin

by Laurine Abrieu · illustrations: Chris White

The eclectic designer has opened her first showroom in New York in a former print shop, whose industrial setting she has preserved. It’s the ideal backdrop to expose her contemporary, materials-oriented creations – the judicious contrast with the time worn décor sets off her poetical pieces to perfection.

Gallery of curiosities

by Julie Pailhas · illustrations: Mattias Björklund

The Copenhagen gallery of aesthete Oliver Gustav brings together antiques and contemporary creations in a setting that seems marked by the patina of time. An ideal backdrop to showcase the boldest looks for autumn 2018 – audacious and sculptural silhouettes whose radical inspiration has a resolutely medieval and monastic vibe.

Landon Metz

by Muriel Françoise · illustrations: Clément Pascal

For Brooklyn-based painter Landon Metz form takes precedence over appearance. We caught up with this young artist from Arizona, in the midst of the urban jungle, surrounded by collectible pieces of furniture in the studio where he captures time’s essential abstractions on canvas.

Architecture by Franklin Azzi

by Laurine Abrieu · illustrations: Karel Balas

Franklin Azzi, currently working on the Mama Shelter tower in Dubai, is still in the running for the French pavilion at the 2020 World Fair and has just completed Maison Plisson’s new store in Paris, not forgetting Jérôme Dreyfuss’ latest boutique in London and a soon-to-be-finished private home in Saint- Tropez. We met with the prolific architect in Beaupassage, the new food spot of the capital, whose facades he designed.

Aure Studio

by Laurine Abrieu · illustrations: Karel Balas

Johanne Aurebekk and Fredrik Egeland Aartun work for Frama studio design. As a couple, they explore other creative fields with Aure Studio, the multi-creative structure they founded with two other people and whose activities range from art to objects and clothes, amongst others. And there’s more to come. We caught up with the couple in their small Copenhagen apartment.

Irish Weaving

by Julie Boucherat · illustrations: Tara Fisher

As part of Paris Design Week, Margaret Howell’s flagship store on Place de la Madeleine is presenting an exhibition and articles resulting from its exclusive collaboration with Mourne Textiles, a historic weaving workshop founded by the Norwegian designer Gerd Hay- Edie near the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland. What better excuse to look back at the history of the weaving company.

Sarah Kaye Rodden’s forms & sculptures

by Laurine Abrieu · illustrations: Romain Ricard

Four years ago, Sarah Kaye Rodden said goodbye to London and left busy Battersea for the calm and peaceful village of Brasted, its High Street and antique shops. Now the artist and her family are enjoying the calm of life in the countryside – where better to get the creative juices flowing

The organic universe of Valentin Loellmann

by Anne Pericchi-Draeger · illustrations: Anne-Emmanuelle Thion

In the Dutch city of Maastricht, Valentin Loellmann has fashioned a unique refuge for his family in which the sensual, organic lines of the interior blend with a curated choice of objects that, like his furniture, are a perfect marriage of art and craftsmanship

Jean-Christophe Aumas and his cabinet of singular curiosities

by Adel Fecih · illustrations: Karel Balas

In his Parisian apartment, Singular agency’s founder develops an atypical vibe, intelligently guided by his cutting edge and slightly whimsical taste. Works of art and design pieces subtly blend together in a beautiful setting that has a thousand and one surprises

Designer Mylène Scotto’s live-in atelier

by Julie Boucherat · illustrations: Romain Ricard

Mylène Scotto, founder of home décor brand Georges, lives and works in a very rural location, a small village nestled between the mountains and rivers of South-West France. It is here that she imagines her poetical creations, taking her time and trying her hand at new creative techniques. We visited her home cum workshop.

The Brutalist home of a collector

by Marie Farman · illustrations: Adrian Gaut

In Mexico City, the Belgian architect Nicolas Schuybroek has transformed a large, derelict, concrete house built in the 70s into an elegant minimalist refuge for hotel owner and collector Moisés Micha, a place where, from now on, luxury, calm and voluptuousness reign supreme.

The Jaffa by John Pawson

by Laurence Pasquier · illustrations: Amit Geron

South of the exuberant city of Tel Aviv, a new haven of peace brightens up historical Jaffa port. The old stones of a former hospital, transformed into a luxury hotel by the nimble fingers of architects, bear witness to the 4,000-year history of Jaffa.

Japanese crafts in Tottori

by Marie Arquie · illustrations: Akiko Baba

Just an hour’s flight from Tokyo, Tottori is one of those places where western tourists rarely set foot, but which is appreciated by Japanese artists and city-dwellers in search of tranquillity and its excellent craftsmanship, influenced by Mingei philosophy.

Septime on the countryside

by Laurine Abrieu · illustrations: Hervé Goluza

What are the gang from Septime doing here? Well they have made their way to Perche, an area of north-western France around 150 km from Paris. Bertrand Grébaut and Théophile Pourriat welcomed us to their latest playground: a guest house and small restaurant in the middle of the countryside. —

Seri Wada’s Zurich

by Marie Farman · illustrations: Sebastien Agnetti, Markus Buehler

A former financier turned baker, Seri Wada reputedly makes the best baguettes and croissants in the whole of Zurich. He took us to visit this city that he knows well, seeing as he criss-crosses it every morning on his bike.