Sept pianos

Sophie Agnel

by Guillaume Tarche

+ Chroniques Solo Portrait Live at Festival NPAI Capsizing Moments Spiral Inputs

Charlemagne Palestine

by Jérôme Orsoni

+ Chroniques Strumming Music for Piano… The Golden Mean An Oral Symbiotic Mystery A Sweet Quasimodo Between Black Vampire Voxorhachitect…

John Tilbury

by Guillaume Belhomme

+ Chroniques Variety Dafeldecker Kurzmann Tilbury Wishart Field Lost Daylight Uncovered Correspondence

Mal Waldron

by Luc Bouquet

+ Chroniques Interplay for 2 Trumpets & 2 Tenors The Quest Some Jive Ass Boer Songs of Love and Regret Silence

Alexander von Schlippenbach

by Philippe Robert

+ Chroniques Baden-Baden ‘75 At Quartier Latin Monk’s Casino Twelve Tone Tales Bauhaus Dessau

Jacques Demierre

by Guillaume Belhomme

+ Chroniques LDP Cologne Brainforest One Is Land Brain and Balls Pièces sur textes

Cecil Taylor

by Guillaume Belhomme

+ Chroniques At Newport The Eighth All the Notes The Last Dance

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