Happy new year !


by Karina Stridh

Just two-and-a-half years ago, London's E20 was host to the premiere athletes of our time. While it has since been rebranded from Olympic Village to East Village, it boasts a venue worthy of a gold medal in that glorious event most dear to a Londoner's heart: brunch.

Joseph Alexander Goode

by Elodie Hazelwood · illustrations: Cygnus Papilio

Opulent worlds in alternate realities

Pizzeria Apollo

by Benjamin Harvey · illustrations: Pizzeria Apollo

Outstanding pizza spat from a mouth of fire

The Common E2

by Benjamin Harvey

A space for creative thinking

Davey Stone

by Benjamin Harvey · illustrations: Arielle Tapper

The East London estate agency with their fingers on the pulse


Oui Maman

French-speaking nannies to allay childcare worries

Fritz Helder

€?I write songs that way, seeing the visual end of it. I see how a song may be performed and what it looks like and then I work my way backwards, deconstructing it into all of its parts. I usually start with a finished image in my head.”

Francesco Picardi

by Elodie Hazelwood · illustrations: Neus Serena Rius

Bespoke expert hair styling in the heart of Shoreditch

Spitalfields Crypt Trust

by Sonny Syah

Looking back on 50 inspirational years of providing hope

Street Life

by Lexi Rose