Surfboard-making in Brooklyn

South Africa’s Hidden Hub of Creativity

by Megan van Eeden, Wesley van Eeden · illustrations: Xavier Vahed

Durban’s creative scene remains relatively unknown on the world stage, but given the innovative businesses and projects coming out of this coastal city, it might soon earn its place on the map, as Megan and Wesley van Eeden discover.

Jogging Stockholm

by Robert Ikiz, Olga Kovalenko · illustrations: Jayde Perkin, Huseyin Aysan

Surrounded by water and open spaces, it’s little wonder that jogging is such a popular pastime in Sweden’s capital. Jazz musician Robert Ikiz shares some of the best locations to run around the city.

ZÅMM Coffee, Vienna

by Elliot Jay Stocks · illustrations: Manuel Peric

Every issue we turn the spotlight to one of our favourite stockists around the world. Nestled in central Vienna, Austria, ZÅMM Coffee is a shop that came about from a love of good coffee, design, and independent magazines. We talk to founder Maximilian Huber.

The Attendant, London

by Elliot Jay Stocks · illustrations: Elliot Jay Stocks

An underground public toilet might not be the first place you’d expect to find great coffee and delicious food, but for Lagom’s first-ever Eatery Spotlight, we discovered just that in The Attendant — as well as a story of sustainability that goes far beyond upcycled urinals.

Wanderlust, Singapore

by Samantha Stocks · illustrations: Todd Beltz

Located amidst the historic and colourful district of Little India in Singapore, Wanderlust combines old-world charm and bold, modern design in an unexpected way, where a step onto each floor is an adventure.

Foundations of a Community

by Olga Kovalenko · illustrations: Jadranka Ilic

Look behind the crumbling walls of Spanish House, in Belgrade’s Savamala district, and you’ll find a diverse community of artists and activists creating a public space shaped by local people.

Making waves

by Kyle Black · illustrations: Michael Cooper

A passion for surfing is what binds lifestyle and livelihood together for Kyle Black, founder of Brooklyn Surf Company. He shares what drives him to push the boundaries of surfboard design.


by Elliot Jay Stocks · illustrations: McBess

Artist Matthieu Bessudo — better known as McBess — creates stunning black and cream illustrations inspired by 1920s cartoons, but with a dark twist and a knowing wink. We speak to him about his approach, his attitude to commercial work, and, of course, meat.

Carving Among Icebergs

by Talia Carlisle · illustrations: Thomas Seear-Budd

Talia Carlisle and Thomas Seear-Budd visit carver Kim Kristensen’s studio nestled high on the hills of Greenland’s west coast, and discover his passion for carving and carrying on Greenlandic tradition.

Sense of Place

by Elliot Jay Stocks · illustrations: Morgane Bigault

Barnaby Steel, of virtual reality agency Marshmallow Laser Feast, allows people to experience a world beyond human senses. We look behind the doors of his home and warehouse studio.

Milan’s Hidden Kitchen

by Sammy Maine · illustrations: Laura Larmo

Most kitchens would be shut down for having insects behind their doors — but not Milan’s Taboolata, which has them on their menu. We take a look at the restaurant that boldly sets out to challenge Western society’s popular culinary perceptions.

The Sound of Silence

by Sammy Maine

Portuguese musician Pedro Marques Pereira challenges the notion that playing live music to accompany silent films is a thing of the past, bringing it boldly into the 21st century in the guise of colourful character Charlie Mancini.

On the Right Track

by Samantha Stocks, Elliot Jay Stocks · illustrations: Richard Johnson

Drogo Michie juggles the hectic life of an art director with the adrenalin-fuelled pastime of flat track bike racing. Although the two worlds often collide — sometimes quite literally — the sport enables him to find a true escape from the everyday.

Trading Places

by Samantha Stocks · illustrations: Sophia Schorr-Kon, Tom Powell, Daniel Daki Spaki

Powered by the wind and aided by the latest information technology, New Dawn Traders take cargo shipping back to its roots, as founder Alexandra Geldenhuys explains, by transporting rum and chocolate around the world in a traditional sail ship.

A Taste of Paradise

by Alexandra Geldenhuys · illustrations: Ed J Brown

Transport yourself to the tropics with Alexandra Geldenhuys’s favourite rum cocktail recipes.

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