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Feature: Bon Appétit

Because the consumption of food is such a universal and everyday experience, it requires a lot more "convincing" that it is better. There is a lot of emotion involved – childhood memories, romantic nostalgia and so on – all of which can be tapped into to strike a sympathetic chord. To design successfully for any food-related project tends to utilise the broadest range of creative skills – typography, infographics, photography, illustration, brand-identity, packaging and, where restaurants are concerned, interiors and collateral material such as tableware as well.

Why there is no stopping stop-motion?

This fundamental film-making technique, involving frame-by-frame capture, is clunky and time-consuming compared with today’s “magical” CGI procedures. Why, then, do so many contemporary creatives still prefer it? We talk exclusively to three renowned stop-motion experts to find the answer.

Still sunny in Spain despite the recession

Spain is among the leading artistic nations in the world in terms of the number of great painters it has produced, but after a flurry of creative activity following the fall of the repressive fascist regime in the mid-1970s, it has now been badly hit by the European economic crisis. However, this has led local designers to look further afield for employment in today’s inter-connected world and their innate artistic talent is proving extremely marketable. We asked half-a-dozen leading Spanish creatives to tell us what the design scene in their country is like right now and to predict where it might be leading. As well as showing us examples of their work, of course.

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