The godliness of small things

Martin Hallberg

by Sofia Hallström

Martin Hallberg, Red Dot-winner and sound designer, on the magic of sleeping in the countryside and sniffing liquorice smoke.

Arty animal

by Bo Madestrand

On the Norwegian island Sandhornøya, the architects Rintala Eggertsson have erected a temporary exhibition space in the form of a traditional fish drying structure. This is where the cultural festival Salt will take place. Next year, it will go on an Arctic tour.

House of cards

by Bo Maderstand · illustrations: Lars Tunbjörk

As the new acting director, Kerstin Brunnberg’s job is to clean up the most mismanaged museum in Sweden. What went wrong, and what happens next? Bo Madestrand and Lars Tunbjörk snoop behind the scenes at Arkdes, formerly known as the Architecture Museum in Stockholm.

The godliness of small things

by Sofia Hallström · illustrations: Charlie Drevstam

Even the smallest thing can change the course of the future. Here, six designers describe how the details became their best friends.

David and the Goliathan task

by Johan Deurell · illustrations: Mikael Olsson

Dynamite Alfred’s fortune was bequeathed to prizes within science, literature and peacekeeping. In the spring of 2014, a new prize was awarded – the Nobel Prize in Architecture. The winners are David Chipperfield and his colleague Christoph Felger. And the prize? To build a Nobel Centre in copper and glass on the Blasieholmen in Stockholm.

Little China

by Bo Madestrand · illustrations: Ola Bergengren

The dream of China starts and ends in Mehedeby. After ten years of disrepair, the Swedish-Chinese trade centre Dragon Gate is to be resurrected. Ola Bergengren and Bo Madestrand visit a ghost town that would have been better off left alone.

Garden of Eero

by Sofia Hallström · illustrations: Patrick Hengström


Danish lessons

by Sofia Hallström

In Sweden, PISA ratings are hitting rock bottom and school architecture is off the political radar. But things are happening in the Nordic region. Sofia Hallström goes on a Denmark tour, where architecture has become a part of the school politics.

Mikko, Niko & Kimmo

by Salka Hallström Bordnold

K2S prefer not to be visible, but their architecture is all over Helsinki. At the moment, they’re designing the new “Silicon Valley of sports”. Salka Hallström Bornold travels to their headquarters inside the iconic arena, Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

Revival of the fittest

by Sebastian Lööv

Not everyone get discovered by Lady Gaga, or become hailed as stars before they did their local catwalk debut. Sebastian Lööv talks to the unusual designer Isabel Yalda Hellysaz, one week before the applause.

Wanted: Talents

by Bo Madestrand · illustrations: Carl Hjelte

Through the student project X-Works, Lammhults once found the designers they would collaborate with for over 20 years. Now, the Swedish furniture manufacturer searches for new stars in the younger generation. It’s time for X-Works 2.0