Earth hour

Art by accident

by Sofia Hallström

Why make little repetitive patterns, when you can go big and bold? Norwegian-Danish duo Mijo Studio defy textile conventions.

High times

by Leo Gullbring · illustrations: Leo Gullbring

What will tomorrow’s art museums look like? Leo Gullbring visits Liz Diller’s new art centre on top of the High Line in New York looking for clues.

Milano 2019

by Leo Gullbring

From poetic light creations to recycled clothing and organic 3D prints. Leo Gullbring finds the gems at this year’s design week in Milan.

The little grey house

by Nils Forsberg · illustrations: Collectif Encore

Emotions ran high when this year’s Kasper Salin Prize was awarded to a little private home on Gotland. But why are people so upset? Nils Forsberg called up the architect, Anna Chavepayre.

10 ways to save the world

by Ulla-Karin Höynä · illustrations: Ola Bergengren

Everyone is talking about the climate, but nobody is doing anything about it. How can designers contribute to a more sustainable future? We asked leading researchers and authorities for some advice and came up with a to-do list.

Notes for Underground

by Salka Hallström Bornold · illustrations: Karin Björkquist

In The Kinship Project, five Swedish designers did an experiment in collective design that resulted in some unusual chairs. Salka Hallström Bornold brought them together for a therapy session on the outskirts of Stockholm.

Asplund resurrected

by Johan Fowelin · illustrations: Johan Fowelin

Architect Erik Gunnar Asplund pioneered the International style in Sweden. Now, an untouched interior by him is being restored to its former glory.

Mad about Moomin

by Ida Berg

Who needs 92 Moon cups? Ida Berg insists she doesn’t. She only has 62 of them in her kitchen cupboard.

Management by fear

by Nils Forsberg · illustrations: Emma Hanquist

Managers love open-plan offices. Employees loathe them. Nils Forsberg reads a report that confirms our worst suspicions.

Making museums great again

by Nille Svensson

Nille Svensson on the future for design museums

Bureaucracy at work

by Nils Forsberg

Nils Forsberg is upset by the fluffy nonsense published by ArkDes

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