Northern Soul

Milan manual

by Leo Gullbring · illustrations: Leo Gullbring

Are you ready for Salone del Mobile? Here’s the ultimate guide to the ultimate design event, by Milan aficionado Leo Gullbring.

Best of Stockholm

by Emilia Engblad

Form handed out the new design award Form Award, the Young Swedish Design exhibition had rave reviews and ArkDes finally got a director – the British curator and editor Kieran Long. But what happened on the actual design front at the Stockholm Design Week? Here are some of our favourite tidbits.

Heart of darkness

by Salka Hallström Bornold · illustrations: Mikael Olsson

Stockholm’s most emotionally charged and central place has been demolished, to the despair of many and joy of others. Salka Hallström Bornold and photographer Mikael Olsson draw a heartfelt portrait of Slussen’s fifth life, between the modernist cloverleaf formation and Norman Foster’s creation – which only becomes reality in 2025.

Can it really be done like this ?

by Johan Deurell

Artworks or furniture? Fredrikson Stallard’s practice hovers somewhere in between. Johan Deurell goes to see the Swedish-British power couple in Clerkenwell.

Tales from the hood

by Jenny Damberg · illustrations: Karin Alfredsson

30 years have passed since the UN in 1987 defined social sustainability as a goal for all development. What that means in practice is the subject for the sustainability group at the architecture firm White, led by the social anthropologist Viktoria Walldin. Jenny Damberg and Karin Alfredsson shadowed the group out on the field for a day.

Absolut Gehör

by Susanne Helgeson

Varför är de så framgångsrika? Susanne Helgeson träar det musikaliska stjärnparet Doshi Levien och får en aning.

The place beyond the pines

by Bo Madestrand · illustrations: Carl Hjelte

The story of the mill town Edsbyn is also a tale about the rise of the modern welfare state. Bo Madestrand and Carl Hjelte travel to the Swedish highlands to visit the humongous factory, where generations of villagers have worked since 1899.

Triennal aftermath

by Salka Hallström Bornold

A year of gargantuan architecture exhibitions has passed. But what did we learn from them? Salka Hallström Bornold discusses morality, intuition and the art of being relevant with one of the masterminds behind the Oslo Triennale: Gro Bonesmo, founder of the Norwegian studio Space Group.

Form Awards 2017

by Jenny Damberg

At this year’s Furniture & Light Fair in Stockholm, the Form editors handed out the new award Form Award to ve winners. Jenny Nordberg was named Newcomer of the Year for Brus – the oxymoron table, both unique and massproduced.

Carina Seth Andersson

by Emilia Engblad

Award-winning designer Carina Seth Andersson is well known for her exquisite works in glass and ceramics. Here, she looks back on her career – from the wondrous childhood garden to the creation of her own studio.