Woolworth varieties of our New York boheme

Woolworth varieties of our New York boheme

by F. van Norstrand Groves

Or I might have entitled this"From The Normal To The Abnormal" or "Que Vult Decipi Decipiatur." It all amounts to the same thing: Nobody's so deceived as the Deceiver!

The Musical Boarding House

by Tom Sleeper

Music hath charms to sooth the savage breast Perhaps it's so—but let that rest No savage breast can my breast be When same starts punching harmony.

The Speculator

by Cat's Paw

His wealth is imaginary, and nowhere. He contracts debts, and calculates on miracles to pay them.


For the best single title (in twenty words or less) that fits both these pictures

The book of Bargains

by Vincent O'Sullivan

I- A Study in Murder