Sadakichi Hartmann

Sadakichi Hartmann

by Renouf Whelpley

A Contemporary Study


by Guido Bruno

Love was seated at the bay window of the tower room and looked down to the Earth which was to you a labyrinth of a thousand recesses. She saw you grope your way and stumble and fall. She saw how you raised yourself again looking for a new path. And again you stumbled.

The Fable of the Fire and the Furnace

by H. Thompson Rich

There was once a great fool of 3. Fire, who went wandering hither and thither about the world, with no thought at all in his silly head of settling down and ending his vagrant days.

The Princess of the Looms

by Lillian George · illustrations: Djuno Barnes

Once upon a time there was a Princess, who lived in a tower high above the city. The people called the crest upon which her castle rested the strange hill, but the wise men who lived in the mountains and were reputed to know all things, called it the "Hill of Dreams."

Harry Stone

The Possessor of 60,000 Original Drawings

Oscar Wilde

Poems In His Praise

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