In the footprints of genius

The Three Socialists

illustrations: Flanagan

Or Theory and Practice

Two tales by N. Shebonev

Which one

Creation : Recess in Space

by Cora Bennett

(Comet wandering idly about a darkened universe stumbles against Sun. He scrambles to his feet, apologetic.)

After Paul Verlaine

by Ernest Dawson

The Cuala Press

by W. G. Blaikie Murdoch

With Five Illustrations by Jack B. Yeats

Why and How I Got Married

Many hundred stories, brief and lengthy accounts, arrive every week at the desk of our Contest Editor. Most of them testify that marriage, even in our commonplace age, preserves its old romance and that to relate a story of how Grandfather took Grandmother urges the pen into hands not otherwise ambitious of literary achievement. A handful of these stories will be chosen every week for the perusal of our readers.

The Fairy and the Spider

by Betty Graeme

"Here we go, Luby-Lou Here we go, Luby-Lou,"

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