Sapientia Lunae

Will Poland and Bohemia Regain Their National Independence ?

by Guido Bruno.

Two Oriental Stories

by James Waldo Fawcett

The Hungry Man and the Arab - The Emperor and the Jester


In our village

The Carpet of Omar Nizam

by Katherine Keith

The fierce glare of the eastern sun at mid-day beat pitilessly down on the narrow, squalid streets of Kermanshah. Even the shrill voices of the ragged children were hushed. Save for the piercing trill of the locust, breathless, panting silence reigned; and not a leaf* stirred, nothing save the unending shimmer of the atmosphere.

Bernhardt Wall

The Etcher

What is Æstheticism?

by W. G. Blaikie Murdoch

A Reply to Certain Critics

Henry David Thoreau

by James Waldo Fawcett

Ninety-nine years ago, July 12th was born, at Concord, Massachusetts, one of the gentlest souls that ever wore the title man, and one of the noblest figures in American letters : Henry David Thoreau, best known as the author of "Walden."