Amantium Irae

Enver Pasha

by Guido Bruno

Turkey’s National Hero

Edgar Allan Poe, American Poet

by Guido Bruno

People Who Have Lived in Our Village

Jack R. Flanagan

Jack Flanagan came from Australia.

The Benefactor

by Steven Grossman · illustrations: Guido Bruno

A Social Uplift Story

In Our Village

The Menace of the Autobuses

The True Story of Pirate” Kidd

by N. Tourneur

ThE true story of Captain Kidd proves the accuracy of the old saying that "truth will out in the long run." Few men have been given a more sinister reputation than Captain William Kidd, master mariner of New York, privateersman, —and "pirate!" Yet, of the most sanguinary sea-rovers of the seventeenth century, the character of this early New York seaman has been entirely cleared through the recent discovery of documentary evidence.

The Yen-Shee Eater

by Sadakichi Hartmann

Yes, pass the booz, should be kind of funny to lush in this fine joint. Yes, on yer life she would get up on her pins to-day. Take a walk in the woods and pick walnuts. Wouldn't faze her a bit, she would put on her swagger cloe's and make the aristocrats look like counterfeits."

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