Lord Northcliffe

Lord Northcliffe

Napoleon of English Newspaperdom

Men Needed !

by Arkadji Awertchenko

Adalja Tichonowna, the daughter of a well-known and rich merchant, was seated in the office of Madame Fjokla, matrimonial agent in Moscow.

What can you do ?

by Alfred Kreymborg

Within the Gates by No. 5153

Of course the federal prisons differ materially from the state penal institutions in the personnel of the inmates, as the government at Washington picks and chooses among our inhabitants for delegates to its three sanitariums for derelicts.

The Genius of China

by W. G. Blaikie Murdoch

The Son of Alfred Dreyfus

Judas Iscariot

by W. Dorochewitch · trans: Guido Bruno

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