The Richmond Hill House

The Richmond Hill House

by Guido Bruno

Its decline and fall

Edison to America’s Musicians

Passing Paris

by Muriel Ciolkowska

Paris, November 1st.

The Psalm of Life

Ave Maria

by Guido Bruno

The Disciple

by Oscar Wilde

This story of England's master teller of fables and fairy tales of the last century appeared in"The Spirit Lamp," for March, 1893, a short-lived literary periodical in Oxford, edited by Lord Alfred Douglas who recently denied, in his voluminous book, his master. "The Spirit Lamp" is exceedingly scarce and there is no complete set extant in America.

Turtles’ Eyelids

by D. Molby

Oscar Wilde — The Last Drawing from Life, Paris, very Shortly Before his Death

In Our Village

Antonio, the Chestnut Vender

Maude : A Memory

by Guido Bruno

Richard Wagner

by Guido Bruno


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