Alice Halicka

Some commonplaces on the dance

by André Levinson

The Ballet and the antique dance

The cosmic theatre

by Paul Scheerbart

The Lay of Maldoror

by Comte de Lautréamont · trans: John Rodker

Sixth Canto

Young Mr. Elkins

by Malcolm Cowley

To make the factory wheels revolve, eternal hills squeezed minerals from their bowels and prairies consumed themselves in wheat. Factories turned in three shifts daily, competing with churches and poolrooms to produce a new and arbitrary civilization, the only one of its kind, Biggest in the World Endorsed by Millions of Satisfied Users, and this civilization laboured in its turn and brought forth young Mr. Elkins.

Waldo Frank

by Matthew Josephson

Instant note

No. 19

by Louis Kassak

The Moscow Art Theatre

by H. A. L.

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