Juan Gris


Gloom: window facing wall. Relief afforded by hole about the size of a head.

Little birds and old men

by Lawrence Vail


by Karl With

A toast to ourselves

by Vadim Shershenvevitch · trans: Louis Lozowick


The Lay of Maldoror

by Comte de Lautréamont · trans: John Rodker

Selection from second canto

Poems in prose

by Pierre Reverdy

Through the little window, under the eaves, look. The line of my eyes and the line" of her eyes encounter each other. I shall have the advantage of altitude she says to herself.

The mysticism of money

by H. A. L.


by Thomas Pym Cope

Battle of flowers

by Albert Jean · trans: Edward Störer


by Edwin Muir

The fundamental question which the existence of humanity sets each one of us is this : Can we forgive it ?

One thousand and one nights in a bar-room

by Matthew Josephson

Or the Irish odysseus

Painting, past and present

by De Fayet

" The best jest is a brief one." Enough of your incomprehensible cubism. Dear reader. The cubist jest has been with us for fifteen years, and you have not yet consented to devote ten minutes of your attention to this question which so baffles you. However, as usual, wait 20 years, in twenty years you will agree with us.