Winter 2014

Hans Witschi

by Zipora Fried

Witschi’s intricate methodology inspires his paintings, his digital image archive, and his musical notation.

Kai Althoff

by David Grubbs

Althoff engages multiple art modes—from painting to making music, as a band member of Workshop and under the pseudonym Fanal.

Phyllida Barlow et Vincent Fecteau

On sculpture’s theatricality and refusal to become image.

Dodie Bellamy

by David Buuck

The author of Cunt Norton and the forthcoming TV Sutras on how to mess with the poetry canon.

Edwige Danticat

by Óscar Hijuelos

Cuba’s detective-fiction author spins an epic tale on Trotsky and his assassin in The Man Who Loved Dogs.

Amie Siegel

by Lynn Hershman Leeson

On Siegel’s film Provenance and its insertion into the global circuit of art and design objects.

Mary Halvorson

by Steve DiBenedetto

The virtuoso jazz guitarist on unhinged sonic excursions.

Elana Herzog

by Brenda Coultas

Poet Brenda Coultas on visual artist Elana Herzog’s collapsing of narrative in her cutaways.

Jon Pestoni

by Joanne Greenbaum

Greenbaum on Jon Pestoni’s multilayered paintings.

Raha Raissnia

by Jeanne Liotta

Liotta on Raha Raissnia’s complex interaction with the fugue.

Dear David : an exchange

illustrations: David Geers, Peter Rostovsky

An epistolary exchange between art critic David Geers and painter Peter Rostovsky on the role of painting in contemporary culture.

Casa de lava : Scrapbook by Pedro Costa

by Tânia Cypriano · illustrations: Pedro Costa

Pedro Costa’s scrapbook for his film Casa de Lava frames his work as a collage of his cinematic vocabulary.

Damnation by Janice Lee

by Christine Wertheim · illustrations: Janice Lee

Janice Lee’s new novella Damnation is a collection of fragments that chronicle the unraveling of a village and language.

Norte, the end of history

by Alan Felsenthal

Philippine filmmaker Lav Diaz’ Norte, The End of History slowly unspools a complex and troubling, but often beautiful, narrative.

Within by Janine Antoni

by Scott Turri · illustrations: Janine Antoni

Janine Antoni’s exhibition Within constructs a metaphor for the building of the human body.