The Modernist

A magazine about modernist architecture & design, with a view from the North

THE MODERNIST is a quarterly publication about 20th century modernist architecture and design with a view from the North of England.

They’ve handpicked a team of experts, and dilettantes alike, to bring news, reviews, musings and delightful titbits about modernist architecture and design. So, if you love 20th century architecture and design, with a northern twist, the modernist magazine is just the ticket. Each issu is limited edition 700 copies numbered and packed by hand.

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The Modernist Carried Away · prague · velvet underground · pier head · the world geo-graphic atlas
The Modernist Capital · berlin · herbert bayer · warsaw · scotland · austria
The Modernist Cuppas & cafés · aidan turner bishop · coffee · dr. matthew · library cafe · ben tallis