Magazine on Urbanism

MONU is an English-language, biannual magazine on urbanism that focuses on the city in a broader sense, including its politics, economy, geography, its social aspects, as well as its physical structure and architecture.

Therefore architecture is one of many fields covered by the magazine - fields which are all brought together under the catch-all term “urbanism”. MONU is edited in the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Continuous publication began in June 2004. MONU refers to itself as an independent, non-conformist, niche publication that collects critical articles, images, concepts, and urban theories from architects, urbanists and theorists from around the world on a given topic.

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Monu Next urbanism · vietnam · new cairo · banglatown · bagong bayani · lagos · seoul
Monu Communal Urbanism · city · ecstasy · rainer langhans · urban kibbutz · communism
Monu The new rural · skateboarding · digital city · scott hering · kees christiaanse · pioneers